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Diploma Cover Manufacturer and Wholesaler that focuses on Custom Diploma Covers

Wholesale Graduation Diploma Covers

At we manufacture diploma covers in a variety of sizes in colors. In addition to selling plain graduation covers we also produced high quality leatherette custom diploma covers. Our custom diploma cases we are able to imprint your school or association names in a beautiful foil in either gold or silver. If you are looking for factory direct certificate covers made of high quality material then look no further.

We offer various numerous layouts of padded and non-padded diploma covers.
We can also manufacture custom sized diploma covers.

Panoramic Diploma Cover
Tent Diploma Cover
Book Fold Diploma Cover
Book fold

A large assortment of certificate covers in numerous sizes.


Your diploma covers can be made with leatherette or vinyl in various colors and textures. Please click on our Swatch Charts below to see the different texture and color options.

Smooth Diploma Cover Fabric
Textured Diploma Cover Fabric

For your diploma covers we have numerous of back panel options. We can use a moiré panel or white board panel.

White Moire Inside Panel for Diploma Covers
White Board Inside Panel for Diploma Covers

For your graduation diploma covers corner ribbons are available in several widths. We also offer an abundant choices of different colors for your diploma covers ribbon comers.

Diploma Cover Ribbon Options

Your diploma covers can be foil stamp imprinted or screen printed in any position with you organizations logo or information.

Center Position For Diploma Cover Lower Right Position For Diploma Cover
Foil Stamping For Diploma Covers

We can personalize your diploma cover with custom etchings on the back interior panel. All you have to do is email us your artwork.

Smooth Etching For Diploma Covers
Textured Etching For Diploma Covers