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Buy Plain Graduation Diploma Covers Near Me

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In-Stock Diploma Covers and Certificate Holders

Graduates invest significant time and effort in achieving their diplomas and certificates—show off that achievement with one of our eye-catching diploma covers or certificate holders. Not only will these frames and covers draw attention to your accomplishment, but they’ll also ensure that the proof of that accomplishment is protected.

With a number of styles and colors available, you can choose colors to match the school from which the degree was earned or ones that highlight specific personalities and achievements. Due to precise sizing, our covers will perfectly fit any diploma or certificate, protecting the documents as they are proudly displayed.

Years after graduation day has come and gone, diplomas and documents will look good as new if they’re stored inside a protective cover or holder. An especially stylish presentation piece makes it easy to show off the work put into a degree, and spark a conversation about your alma mater, too.

Our Diploma covers and Certificate Holders feature:

  • Padding and elastic to hold documents in place securely, preventing any damage or loss in the long term
  • A customizable appearance with a number of colors and profiles to express the individuality of the graduate
  • Ability to protect documents as well as display them